Lavina Kharkwal

Bio: I am a WSET certified wine geek who loves learning, talking and writing about wine. I am a Post Graduate in History from Delhi University and have studied Italian at Universita per Stranieri di Perugia, Italy. I love traveling, exploring different wine regions and trying out new cuisines. My blog High on Wines is about my food and wine trails in India and across the world. I spoke on the "Potential for Wine Tourism in India" at the International Wine Tourism Conference IWINETC 2015 held at Reims, La Champagne, France and also participated in IWINETC 2016 Barcelona Spain. I attended Vinexpo 2015 in Bordeaux and the 50th Anniversary of Vinitaly 2016 held in Verona, Italy. I get invited to wine launches, tastings and events related to wine and wine tourism both in India and overseas as I enjoy writing about them. You can also find my articles in Sommelier India wine magazine, for which I am a regular contributor. My email is lavina.kharkwal@gmail.com & you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @highonwines.com

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8 replies

  1. Lavina love reading the blog, this is the first time I got a chance to read through it actually. The English and the research is spot on which is quite a rarity these days. Will be following regularly now.


  2. Ve nice Blog Lavina! I will take my time and read more. Cheers! 😀


  3. I wonder why I did not find your blog earlier. Only after we connected via Facebook. 😉


  4. Hello Lavina, although I have not known you too long, know enough about you to instantly be fascinated and enjoy reading all about you and all your articles Great job and good luck.


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